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Twinstar Reactor Calcium cleaner

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Pulver for rensing av Twinstar reaktorer. 

Inneholder 2 poser, som er nok for 4 rensing.

  • Heat up 200 ml water at 50°C to 60°C
  • Pour the contents of one half bag (approx. 15 g) Reactor Cleaners enter into a jar
  • Pour the warm water into the jar on top of the Reactor Cleaner
  • Stir water with a suitable object until the cleaner has dissolved
  • Now the eelctrode is also added to the jar
  • Rising bubbles indicate the start of the process for removing calcium
  • Clean the reactor under running water afterwards

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Twinstar products inhibt algae, promote plant growth and prevent fish diseases. Twinstar helps against hair/thread algae, brown algae, blue/green algae, fuzz algae, green dust algae and green spot algae. 

Twinstar products can also help with powerful sterilization of the water to prevent diseases and due to that increases breeding success with shrimps. Twinstar products are used worldwide by well known aquascapers and breeders.

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