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Reeflowers Ph Minus

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Reeflowers pH Minus effectively lowers the pH of your aquarium, if used regularly, stabilises it at a desirable level. It helps form an environment similar to the natural habitat living organisms to promote their health. Maintaining a stable pH value of water at a desirable level is key for the vital functions of living organisms as well as their reproduction.


  • Add 5 ml per 100 lt water in the tank until the desired pH level of a normal, natural habitat for living organisms is achieved in your aquarium.
  • It is recommended that, once the desired pH level is achieved, periodic tests be done and that the pH level is kept constant by adding the required amounts as necessary.
  • Not more than twice the recommended amount should be added at once.
  • Its recommended thekH value be kept 4-8 dkH for a stable pH value.



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