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Reeflowers RemAlgae

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  • Removes algae
  • Will not Harm Fish, Plants, Corals or Invertebrates

ReeFlowersRemAlgae prevents undesired moss and helps to prevent algae growth in freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums, saltwater aquariums and ponds. The solution does not contain copper or heavy metals.
It is highly effective on almost every algae type including green and brown algae.

It helps to clean and clarify water which has undergone a discoloration due to excessive algae growth and increase the quality of water. 


It is recommended that 2.5ml of ReeFlowers Rem Algae is added for every 100 liters of water every 3 days until the problem is eradicated. The solution should be administered in an area of flowing water, ensuring the filters are kept on. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

The nitrogen cycle may be disrupted during moss removal. Please make sure that filtration and aeration equipments are not turned off so that the ammonia released due to decaying moss and organic waste does not harm the living organisms in the aquarium. 
It’s recommended to physically clean the aquariums with extensive moss formation before using ReeFlowers RemAlgae and use ReeFlowers RemAmmonia one hour after adding RemAlgae in highly-loaded aquariums. 

For environments with a presence of shrimp, crab, anemone, sensitive fish species etc., normal dosing rate should reduced to half.